Stomper "76 Deep Mixtape Vol. 2" Autographed CD


Stomper "76 Deep Mixtape Vol. 2"  Autographed CD


1.  I'm a Soldier - Stomper x Krazy Race x Grizzly Gambino

2.  Number One Gunner - Stomper

3.  Run up or Shut Up - Stomper x Bozo

4.  Cold Streets - Stomper

5.  Murdering Rats - Stomper x Mr. Grumpy x 2tone

6.  Cowards keep Testing - Stomper x Bozo x Mr. Criminal x Grizzly Gambino

7.  Pico to East Los - Stomper x Lil Sic

8.  76 Deep - Stomper x Mr. Grumpy x Mr. Blazer x Big Lokote

9.  Keep on Pushing - Stomper x Ese Villen

10. Never Defeat - Stomper x Grizzly Gambino x Mr. Grumpy

11. Made Men - Stomper x Ese Villen x Daffy Loko x Bozo

12. Way Too Sick - Stomper x Mr. Criminal x Mr. Grumpy x Bozo

13. We Like to Ride - Stomper x Lil Sic x Bozo

14. One Night Stands - Stomper x Mr. Criminal x Motion x Mr. Grumpy x Ace x Bozo

15. The Danger Zone - Stomper x Triste Loko

16. Gang Land - Stomper x Huero Snipes x Spanky Loco

17. I Hustle - Stomper x J. Hind

18. Hi Power LifeStyle - Stomper x Triste Loko x Malow Mac

19. The Streets of LA - Stomper x Midget Loco x Toro Loco

20. Throw it up with Pride - Stomper x Mr. Criminal x Mr. Silent x Capone E

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