Stomper "The New Rules" Autographed CD


Stomper "The New Rules"  Autographed CD


1.  East Side Riders - Stomper x Triste Loko x Mr. Conejo

2.  Southeast to Westside - Stomper x Mr. Criminal

3.  Here today Gone tomorrow - Stomper x 2tone x Shady Boy

4.  Live By the Gun - Stomper x Lil Shorty x Lil Evil x J. Hind

5.  What You See - Stomper x J. Hind

6.  Where You Levas At - Stomper x Lil Cuete

7.  Aint No Sence - Stomper x J. Hind x Slush the Villain

8.  Child of the Ghetto - Stomper x J. Hind

9.  Lost Souls - Stomper x J. Hind

10. The Hood - Stomper x Grizzly Gambino

11. South Side Maddness - Stomper x Daffy Loko x Ese Villain x Bozo

12. Party Like a Gangster - Stomper x DJ Lady Tribe

13. Fuck You Up - Stomper x Mr. Blazer x Big Lokote

14. The Confession - Stomper x ALT the Saint

15. Drama - Stomper x Bozo

16. Gangster's Prayer - Stomper x El Demonaio x Grizzly Gambino

17. Gangsters and Cadillacs - Stomper x Huero Snipes x Spanky Loco

18. The Dogz of War - Stomper x Ese Loonie x Danger x Grizzly Gambino

19. Blaze it Up - Stomper x J. Hind x J.M.G.

20. It's So Hard - Stomper x Mr. Criminal

21. Eat a Dick - Stomper x Grizzly Gambino

22. Definition of a Gangster - Stomper x Ese Villain

23. Heaven Sent - Stomper x J. Hind x Mr. Capone E

24. Here I Come - Stomper x El Demonaio 

25. E.L.A. Bikers - Stomper x  A.L.T. the Saint x Kid Frost

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